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MAP Diet        My Autoimmune Plan 
1.  Alleviate Food Cravings 

2.  Rebuild Digestion

3. Calm the Autoimmune Fire

4. Long Term Plan for Food and Health

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Pain, bloating, indigestion and most autoimmune disorders occur together.  I help you rebuild digestion and stop the pain so you can feel better and have energy to walk the beach and enjoy your life. 

My Autoimmune Plan is redesigned for each individual person to match their tastes, habits and health.   This is not a one size fits all approach, but a series of recipes and suggestions to match your personal tastes and health needs.

It takes hearty tasty food to build a healthy body. I don't believe in deprivation so you won't go hungry or feel deprived at any time during the plan, I promise!

Every Meal 
   is an Opportunity 
       to Feel Better